Randers FC

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The UEFA Bar


The UEFA Bar, which is part of Randers FC’s VIP facilities, is a great place that can be used for many types of events. Bell+ 20 has been used beautifully in the interior decoration and brings a contemporary touch to a traditional bar setting.


The Randers FC Shop


The lovely Randers FC Shop is filled with merchandise for any Randers FC fan. The shop has been nicely decorated with Bell+ 20 which has been functionally placed throughout the room to provide the best possible light.


Field of Dreams


Darø’s Bell+ 50 pendants have been used for the interior decoration of one of Randers FC’s VIP facilities “Field of Dreams”. Bell+ looks great in the exclusive surrounding and helps create a nice atmosphere.


The North Tribune


The two hallways that connect Randers FC North tribune with the main building have been decorated with Paso 50 pendants in Thunder Black. LED light sources of 8,5W from RAXON have been installed in all the pendants.