Darø Pendants

A pendant or a pendant set is often a decoration element that ties the room together and gives it character. A pendant is a suspended ceiling lamp and a typical Danish interior decoration tradition is to hang a beautiful design pendant over the coffee or dinner table where it is used functionally providing direct light on the table. It is becoming more common to hang the pendant, a pendant set or several pendants in clusters other places than over the table to create a design element that also casts an indirect and creative light in the room.


Darø’s impressive collection of design pendants is suitable for many functions and interior decoration styles. Our popular and award winning Bell+ and Trion are metal pendants with a contemporary design. Zargo and Galilei are our classic and stylish glass pendants handmade out of mouth blown glass. The Paso Pendants are a part of Darø’s creative side where you can choose from several coloured textile shades and cords. In short – Darø offers pendants for any taste and style.