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Good looks and feisty nature are united in the new range of lamps, Paso Wood, designed by the Says Who furniture designers, who with a simple, geometric mode of expression, have created a universe of spacious atmosphere and light.

In the last few years the interior design trend has embraced natural materials. With its pure lines and warm wood details, Paso Wood – a new range of lamps – invites nature into our homes. The interaction and contrast between the warm wood and cold steel creates exciting depths, so that the design appears well balanced with a harmonious and timeless look. The lamps’ geometric style, inspired by the circle, puts the finishing touch to every type of decoration and has a lightness about it: “The circle is sexy and has a pure symmetry – something that most people can relate to”, says Nikolaj Duve from design duo Says Who, having worked in corporation with the lighting company Darø to create this charismatic range of lamps.

Expression reinterpreted
The furniture design company Says Who does not usually work in lighting. This doesn’t concern Darø, who produces Paso Wood lamps. On the contrary, partner Niels Svolgaard sees this as an exciting move: "Something unique happens when designers must step outside of their field of expertise. They capture the moment and get some brand new expressions in play.

" Paso Wood renews and expands Darø’s original Paso range, which, with the predominantly steel elements and round lampshades, is recognizable by its gentle expression. Says Who have continued this simple design in their interpretation, which is based on pure lines and soft wooden frames. "People have a passion for nature. Wood is the epitome of life and quality – it ages gracefully and has a luxurious story that is unique to wood," says Nikolaj Duve, describing the thinking behind their choice of materials.

The design supports the lampshade with a nice touch in the combination of steel and wood, and it creates a balance between top and bottom. Paso Wood lives the motto "less is more". "For us it was important to express that simplicity is beautiful. We have interpreted the modern, Danish design, but updated it so it supports Darø’s DNA and identity. Our wish was that the lamps would create a special atmosphere and that the clear, calm lines get the details of the tree to stand out more clearly in a way that surprises," says Nikolaj Duve.

Value adding functionality
Paso Wood’s lightly transparent fabric shades add mood, just as the up- and downlight properties gives a spacious and indirect lighting that fits most spaces. The design duo has, with their careful choice of materials, also ensured optimum durability. The shade’s archetypal style, says Nikolaj Duve, is part of the lamp’s strength: "It lives up to people’s preconceptions of how a lamp should look and is very honest in its mode of expression. We have, as it were, cut right down to the bone."


Darø a/s is a family owned lighting company with great passion for Danish lighting tradition and high quality design. The company is owned and operated by the second generation, who with a mix of classical and contemporary methods create atmosphere and value through lighting. Darø’s design philosophy is based on noble materials, surprising elements and faith in the notion that today’s designers create tomorrow’s classics.

Says Who
Says Who is a Danish furniture design company dedicated to simple expression and functionality. The company is faithful to the Danish design tradition, but tries at the same time to rethink and adapt it to the time we live in. Says Who pushes the limits of the usual expectations of Danish design.

Paso Wood
The Paso Wood series consists of a floor lamp, table lamp and pendant lamp, all inspired by the circle from top to bottom. The legs are made of solid oak and treated with a UV-resistant matt lacquer that protects and nurtures the wood. The fine details of the wood stand out, and the power cable is placed discreetly inside one leg as a surprising feature. The fabric shades have an invisible Velcro solution, so the fabric can be swapped out for a different look. While not in use, the shades can be rolled up and take up minimal space.


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