DarÝ Arkiturbine

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Arkiturbine // Unique Design

At Darø we are very proud to present our newest, unique design; Arkiturbine. With Arkiturbine Darø follows a slightly different path an adds something unique and exciting to our collection of design lamps. Arkiturbine is a design lamp that challenges the aesthetic expression that signifies digital fabrication and that has created a design with potential to become a classic.

The inspiration for Arkiturbine comes from a fundamental predilection for aesthetics, constructivism and asymmetry. The asymmetric structure of a flower and the airship’s constructive aesthetics has been important sources of inspiration throughout the development process. Adding to this is the fascination of a turbine’s asymmetry which has been the focal point for the design.

Designer Hans Christian Asmussen has accomplished to create a soft and open form by only using digital fabrication with laser cut sheet and frame. The construction method is simple and easily understood, but the result is surprising in its appearance. The black painted aluminium frame provides a sharp contrast to the soft, white shapes that are created by the laser cut sheets. These opposites are essential to this unique design that is Darø’s newest addition to the collection.

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