Wawa Design Festival 2014

Created on during Fairs

Darø a/s has a good business relationship with the Danish owned company Inspiratique in Poznan, Poland. In the days from 5-14 September Inspiratique exhibited at the Wawa Design Festival and their exhibition was beautifully decorated with Darø’s two new designs, Bell+ and Trion.

Wawa Design Festival is a new, but very popular event, and this year was the 2nd year in a row. The mission of the festival is to present and promote creative design – design and education. The festival has been ruled such a success that this year the opening hours were extended with 3 days. Inspiratique’s exhibition was big, raw and focused on Darø and Grid by Montana. The raw surroundings created a great contrast to the sharp lines of Bell+, Trion and Grid by Montana. Inspiratique is bringing Danish design to Poland and we are very proud that our brand is being promoted so well.




Bell+ Design Lamps