Arkiturbine wins London Design Award 2015


Arkiturbine London Design Award

Arkiturbine was shortlisted for a London Design Award in the category Product Design. The design industry, designers and consumers were able to rate their favourite products and we can now announce that Arkiturbine has won its first design award.

London Design Awards is controlled by Design100 who are active all over the world. Each product was rated by a highly competent advisory panel consisting of profiles from the design industry. Furthermore the public were also able to rate the shortlisted products and express their opinions. Arkiturbine was obviously popular with the many visitors who voted on the website, and we are very happy with that.

The most important criteria that Arkiturbine was judged by was the creative and innovative solutions we have made in the development and production of the design. Other important aspects were the choices we made in connection with materials, longevity of the product and the sustainability in the production with extra emphasis on environmental issues. It is increasingly important that we are aware of the environment when we create designs that are meant to last for many years and our efforts have now been recognized.

Arkiturbine is a unique design that is produced by using digital fabrication. Every part has been laser-cut to perfection so the pendant is assembled without the use of any screws or bolts. The entire construction supports itself. In production, which is held locally, we have only used environmental friendly and recyclable materials just like we use recyclable material for the special designed packaging. These and more aspects form the base for a high rating from the design industry and the public of Arkiturbine so we are even more convinced that Arkiturbine is a unique design that cannot and must not be overlooked. Arkiturbine has an international appeal with its international London Design Award and we are very proud of that.

Have a closer look at Arkiturbine here.