New generation, new strategy


The history of the design company, Darø, goes back through generations of know-how and experience with what they do best - designing lamps that are build around the light source. This creates lighting with a technical high quality and with respect for the craft. Now, Thomas Darø - the third generation of Darø - is ready to take over and lead the company in a new direction with an exciting new identity and design strategy. With Trion 35, Darø is ready to launch their first product after the generational change. After more than 20 years of development, the lamp, Trion 35, appears simple, classic and elegant. Afterwards, Darø are planning on exciting design collaborations with up-coming designers.

The experience creates a new innovative base

With a visionary goal to obtain a simple and elegant reflection of the light source, the Trion 35 has been under development for more than 20 years. The original touch of the nineties minimalism is maintained while the quality, colour and size are redesigned.

Because of the characteristic and timeless design, Trion 35 is a pendant with several applications. The idea behind the design is an all around lamp, which can be used in every room - in the living room, at the dinner table or as lighting at hotels or restaurants. As a focal point, where elegance, design and details create a perfect whole, the materials for Trion 35 are carefully selected. The shade is made of aluminium, which along the textile cord and the ceramic socket creates a lasting result with a long lifetime. Trion 35 is introduced in two colours - a feminine matt white and a more masculine matt black.

Trion 35 P1, matt white

Material: aluminium

Measures: h. 31 cm, w. 35 cm

Trion 35 P1, matt black

Material: aluminium

Measures h. 31 cm, w. 35 cm


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