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Darø Paso Tri: The Shamrock
Paso Tri is a new element in Darø’s original Paso collection. The design follows the same simple style, but the combination of all the little changes creates a completely new lamp. 

The inspiration for Paso Tri comes from a shamrock – beautiful and iconic. The obvious reference to the shamrock is particularly evident at the top of the lamp where the legs join together and the beautiful finish with three half spheres make up the shape of a shamrock.

Paso Tri is available as a table and floor lamp, and is designed based on the same concept as Darø’s original Paso collection. The three legs and the changeable shade are the hallmarks of these contemporary lamps. The basic colour is black which exudes aesthetics and creates a timeless, classic lamp. The edges are now round and that creates a visually softer expression with more feminine features. The simple design makes it easy to assemble the lamp and the patented shade system provides the opportunity of creating a lamp that matches the individual taste. There are 3 coloured shades available for the table lamp and 8 coloured shades available for the floor lamp.

Darø also presents a new pendant in the Paso collection. The Paso 25 pendant is a fine addition to the original Paso 35 and Paso 50 pendants. Paso 25 matches the Paso Tri table lamp perfectly with the same size shade and colour options. The pendants offer even more design choices because there are 5 coloured textile cords to choose from.

As a finishing touch Darø introduces a new colour to the Paso Universe collection; Grey Linen. Grey is the hottest colour right now and the fine linen gives the textile a nice texture. The Grey Linen textile is available for all the Paso models and adds a little “shades in grey” to the interior decoration.

Paso Tri is a creative collection where all parts complement each other perfectly and all elements of the collection have been produced using only the best materials.  

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