Wawa Design Festival 2014


Darø a/s has a good business relationship with the Danish owned company Inspiratique in Poznan, Poland. In the days from 5-14 September Inspiratique exhibited at the Wawa Design Festival and their exhibition was beautifully decorated with Darø’s two new designs, Bell+ and Trion.

Wawa Design Festival is a new, but very popular event, and this year was the 2nd year in a row. The mission of the festival is to present and promote creative design – design and education. The festival has been ruled such a success that this year the opening hours were extended with 3 days. Inspiratique’s exhibition was big, raw and focused on Darø and Grid by Montana. The raw surroundings created a great contrast to the sharp lines of Bell+, Trion and Grid by Montana. Inspiratique is bringing Danish design to Poland and we are very proud that our brand is being promoted so well.

Darø Wawa Design Festival 2014

Darø Wawa Design Festival 2014 

Bell+ Design Lamps