Darø a/s | Surprisingly clever design lighting

Darø a/s is a privately owned Danish design lighting company. Darø has since it was established by Kjeld Darø in 1969 designed and manufactured quality lighting products primarily sold in Denmark and Scandinavia. The company actually dates back to 1948 when Helmuth and Helga Darø started a factory that designed, manufactured and sold lamp shades.

Today the company is owned and managed by the third generation and create exciting and innovative lamps that are deeply rooted in the Danish design tradition while keeping a steady eye on the future. The portfolio consists of durable and professional design lighting that is well-suited for both contractual projects as well as private homes – several of which have received international recognition and won international design awards.

We are driven by a strong desire and passion to challenge status quo and the perception of classic contemporary lighting design. We challenge ourselves, our designers and suppliers to look beyond the obvious in the search for surprisingly clever lamps that have the potential to become tomorrow’s classics.

We believe that the future design lighting is more than just design. It is about optimizing form and function while seeing the light as a source of life, happiness and well-being. We believe that the future of designer lighting is clever, and by clever we mean that it is more than just light. It is effective yet sustainable, it is well-designed yet breaks with conventions, and it is traditional yet innovative.

We believe in the designers of our time and believe that they have something to offer. We enjoy working closely with them from the conceptual idea to the final product. Seeking inspiration from outside of the lighting industry has the potential to bring new and interesting elements into the process.

The combination of innovative solutions, well thought out designs, elegant finishes, quality and function results in products of enduring value that are aesthetically pleasing switched “on” as well as “off”.

Welcome to Darø – a world of surprisingly clever design lighting.

Thomas Darø
CEO &amp Designer